Depression and Anxiety

Many people who come into therapy are feeling anxious, depressed or unsure about their lives and relationships with others. They may have trouble coping with daily challenges and struggle with self-destructive thoughts and behaviors which impact them negatively at work and in their personal interactions.

When someone comes to see me about depression and anxiety we first look at the possible underlying causes and what is needed to resolve the issues.

From here, we develop a plan together that includes the client's particular therapy goals and the desired length of treatment. This structured approach gives meaning to the time spent in the sessions, a sense of connectedness between the client and therapist and the satisfaction of knowing how one is proceeding toward an end goal.

This structure is even more important in cases of anxiety and depression, when people feel that they are losing touch with the people and situations around them. Taking the smallest steps toward an objective can be very rewarding.

I am here to facilitate these steps and provide instruction and encouragement along the way. I am also here to try different approaches within the framework established.

With time, the mother was able to open up and talk about the things that made her unhappy and then take that information and see what could be done to improve the relationship between herself and her daughter.

She was able to call her daughter and reconnect and gradually the barriers were broken. The two learned how to talk about things that were upsetting them and not be afraid to voice personal feelings.

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